Policy Work & Events


AFB Policy Work


Practitioners from AFB member banks are able to register on our website where they will have unlimited access to a wealth of information from the AFB and the various external firms we work with.

Documents available in the Members Area include:

  • Regular analysis from the AFB on key policy issues

  • In depth minutes of all AFB Committees and Working Groups

  • Discussion summaries from AFB and member engagements with Regulatory stakeholders

  • Analysis and updates from the various external firms we work with, which include a variety of law and professional services firms

  • AFB submissions to Government and Regulatory stakeholders

Those registered have the opportunity to select a variety of business specialisms they would like to receive regular updates on from the AFB. Once their interests have been selected, members will receive regular emails delivering the latest updates and developments from the AFB on the areas mentioned above in respect of their interests, directly to their inbox.


AFB Events


The Members Area also includes an extensive selection of regular seminars, briefings and workshops which are exclusive to AFB members. 

Speakers often include representatives from the Government and the Regulator, as well as industry specialists from a variety of law and professional services firms.

In order to cater for the wide variety of subject fields that foreign banks in the UK cover, we hold seminars which range from 300 delegates, to smaller workshops, attended by around 30 members, which allows us to drill down into the more granular details on a given topic.


If you are not yet registered on our website, then please click here to get started.