How We Work



The AFB organises a wide variety of Panels to reflect some of the major functions of foreign banks operating in the UK. This provides banking practitioners with the opportunity to discuss the key issues/regulatory developments in respect of their field of expertise amongst a small grouping of members. These are often facilitated by presentations from relevant advisory speakers. The Panels also provide a platform for AFB members to engage with industry stakeholders such as the Government, Regulators, and other industry bodies.

Summary notes of the discussions, which are held under the Chatham House Rule, are shared with the wider membership following each meeting. This ensures that those who are not present at the meeting still benefit from the discussions’ output.

The AFB has the following Panels:

  •       Compliance

  •       Financial Crime:

    •       Anti Money Laundering & Counter Terrorist Financing

    •       Anti-bribery, Fraud & Sanctions

    •       Cybercrime & Cryptocurrencies

  •       Heads of Internal Audit

  •       Operational Risk

  •       Heads of Legal



The AFB also organises a wide variety of Briefings, which provide an update on the latest regulatory developments in respect of the foreign banking sector. Each Briefing focuses on one particular topic and is open to all AFB members. The Briefings’ materials are sent to the membership following the sessions, ensuring that those who are not able to attend still benefit from the discussions.

The AFB has the following Briefings:

  •       Corporate & Institutional Banking

  •       Operations & Payments

  •       Quarterly Finance

  •       Human Resources

  •       Risk Management

  •       Trade Finance

  •       Transaction Reporting

Practitioners within AFB member banks are welcome to join the above Panels and Briefings. If you would like to enquire about any AFB Panel or Briefing, please contact Bruk Woldegabreil, Director, AFB: