How We Work




The AFB organises a wide variety of Committees to reflect the major functions of foreign banks operating in the UK. This provides banking practitioners with the opportunity to discuss the key issues or regulatory developments in respect of their field of expertise, while also providing a platform for AFB members to engage with industry stakeholders such as the Government, Regulators, and other industry bodies.

The AFB’s Committees are listed below:

  • Compliance Panel

  • Corporate and Institutional Banking

  • Chief Financial Officers

  • Financial Crime:

    • AML/CTF

    • Anti-bribery, Fraud & Sanctions

    • Cybercrime & Cryptocurrencies

  • Heads of Internal Audit

  • Human Resources

  • Operations

  • Operational Risk

  • Risk Management

  • Taxation

  • Trade Finance Briefing


Working Groups


When particular issues arise which are of interest to our members, ad-hoc Working Groups can be established to enable members to engage with each other and relevant stakeholders on specific issues for a defined period of time. As with Committees, such Working Groups include banking practitioners in their given field, facilitated by the AFB Secretariat and augmented, if required, by external advisors.

The AFB’s current Working Groups are listed below:

  • Brexit

    • Market Access & Euro Derivatives Clearing

    • Immigration/Access to Talent

  • Heads of Legal

  • MiFID II & Beyond

Practitioners within AFB member banks are welcome to join the aforementioned Committees and Working Groups. If you would like to enquire about membership of an AFB Committee or Working Group please contact Bruk Woldegabreil, Director, AFB: