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AFB Financial Crime Compliance Diploma – 2021/2022

The AFB Financial Crime Diploma is designed to offer learning at an advanced level to meet the needs of AFB members who are managing and overseeing financial crime compliance risks. It is aimed at MLROs and other risk and compliance professionals as well as those who are wishing to prepare for a similar senior appointment in a regulated firm.

The benefits of attending include:

  • Ten separate learning modules that have been designed exclusively for AFB members
  • Delivery via fully interactive on-line sessions
  • Modules that include pre-reading, structured learning, practical-based exercises and case-study analyses
  • The opportunity to interact with other risk and compliance professionals
  • End of module assessments that will confirm understanding
  • CPD credits for all sessions attended, awarded by the CPD Certification Service
  • On successful completion of all assessments, participants will receive The AFB Financial Crime Diploma awarded in association with the University of Gloucestershire.

Who do others think?

A key aim of AFB training courses is to provide learners with practical and work-based skills. As attendees of our current course have said –

“the ten modules are directly relevant to my role as the MLRO of a UK regulated bank”, Head of Compliance and MLRO

“the engaging trainer appreciates the financial crime obligations placed on anyone in the regulated sector”, AML Governance Associate

We will once again partner with Great Chatwell Academy of Learning to repeat this course during 2021/22 and you can read their thoughts on the advantages of the Diploma course here.

For further full information including the course syllabus and schedule, view the training course webpage.

The course is scheduled to run from April 2021 through to February 2022