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The London Market Post-Brexit – A Fireside Chat with HM Treasury

Now that the UK has left the European Union there is an opportunity (and need) for the UK financial services industry to redefine its role on the world stage. What is that likely to look like and what are the opportunities for foreign banks seeking to establish themselves or grow their presence in the UK in the period ahead?  

In order to explore these important issues the AFB is delighted to invite you to a “fireside chat” between Matthew Allen, Head of Financial Services at Eversheds Sutherland and Isobel McIntosh, Head of Advanced Markets at HM Treasury.

During the session the following issues will be explored:

  •         The journey towards a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the EU and the road to equivalence or a bespoke arrangement
  •         Post Brexit HM Treasury market review:
    •     Call for evidence on the Overseas Framework
    •     Review of the listing rules by Lord Hill
    •     Independent Strategic Fintech review by Ron Kalifa
    •     Consultation on Stablecoins and Cryptoassets
    •     Review of the UK funds regime
  •         Government policy on Global Financial Partnerships
    •     The UK/Swiss Joint Statement
    •     Trade agreements with Singapore and Japan and the road to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)
  •         The United States
    •     The Financial Regulatory Working Group
    •     The Financial Innovation Partnership
    •     FTA negotiations


Isobel McIntosh – Head of Advanced Markets, HM Treasury.  Isobel assumed this role in October 2018 and prior to that she held various senior posts in the FCA since 2011.  Before joining the FCA, Isobel was a policy adviser at HM Treasury and before this she held roles as an Analyst at CBRE and a Consultant at Volterra Consulting.

Matthew Allen – International Head of the Financial Services Sector Group and Co-Head of Financial Services Disputes and Investigations globally. Matthew is also London senior office partner. As Sector Group Head, Matthew is responsible for co-ordinating all of the firm’s client relationships across the Financial Services Sector including in the areas of corporate and investment banking; retail banking and consumer finance; insurance; asset management; payments and private equity. processes. In his capacity as Co-Head of Financial Services Disputes and Investigations, Matthew advises some of the world’s biggest financial institutions and corporates within a relevant regulatory or law enforcement perimeter. Matthew is a Leading Individual for Financial Services: Contentious in Legal 500, as well as a noted practitioner for Banking Litigation and Accountants Professional Liability.


Cost:               No Fee. This event is included in AFB Membership

Format:           Virtual Seminar and Discussion (Platform used: Zoom)

Capacity:        Places are limited to 100


There will be ample opportunity for questions throughout the session, however, if you would like to submit a question before or have any specific questions or areas that you would like the virtual discussion to address, please send them to the AFB at as soon as practicable. The session will be held under the Chatham House Rule, in order to promote free and constructive discussion.