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Policy & Regulatory Affairs

AFB Annual Regulatory Conference – Session 3: AI Regulation for Financial Institutions

AI Regulation for Financial Institutions
Panel Discussion and Q&A

Simon Greenman, Partner at Best Practice AI and member of WEF’s Global AI Council
Adriano Koshiyama, Co-Founder, Holistic AI
Shanthini Satyendra, Managing Legal Counsel, Digital Transformation and, Technology, Legal & Regulatory, Santander

Chaired by Minesh Tanna, Partner, Disputes & Investigations, Simmons & Simmons

This session covered:

  • The latest developments in AI, including regulatory developments. For example, the FCA/BoE/PRA Discussion Paper (which can be read here) and the UK White Paper (which can be read here).
  • The risks associated with AI and how banks can manage them
  • How banks can integrate AI into their business, in the context of AI regulation