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The AFB Board of Directors are representatives from across the membership. The Board steers AFB’s overall strategy, oversees cultural, financial, and legal security, probity and longevity.


AFB has eight technical platforms across which it operates its business. Each platform has a corresponding Advisory Committee which is composed of up to 8 senior bankers representing a diverse cross-section of the membership base. Their purpose is to provide assurance that the AFB meets the technical and regulatory needs of the wider membership.


Represents Corporate and Institutional Banking and Trade Finance functions within a bank

Represents the compliance function in ever-changing regulatory requirements, expectations, challenges and industry practices.

Represents the finance function in financial planning and management activities, including budgeting and forecasting, reporting.

Represents the internal audit function in its assessments of the effectiveness of risk management, compliance with applicable regulations, and internal control-environment.

Represents the legal function to provide legal advice and support to policy, supervisory and operational areas across all banking activities.

Represents the operation function in its practices and procedures to execute transactions and banking business accurately and appropriately.

Represents the HR function in management of human capital, design and monitoring of work processes, recruitment, developing and retaining talent, employee benefits and disciplinary issues.

Represents the risk function in identifying and mitigating risk in the management of financial and non-financial risk.

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