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AFB’s Annual General Meeting 2024
After 10 years serving on the AFB Board and 6 years as AFB’s Chair, Bill Smith will step down at this AGM. As a thank you for all his hard work and support over the years, we will hold a drinks and networking reception following the AGM. We hope that you will be able to join us for this well-deserved celebration.
AFB Practice Roundtable: Creating a Speak up Culture in Financial Services Firms
AFB, in partnership with Wharton Business Consulting, are hosting an in-person practice roundtable on creating a ‘speak up’ culture and the impact of cultural differences on this process.  
AFB Practice Workshop: How can Banks Measure and Monitor Culture, Diversity and Inclusion?
This interactive practice workshop, in partnership with BDO LLP, will help AFB members understand the importance of culture and D&I in the regulatory context.  It will help delegates learn how to establish effective culture and D&I frameworks, as well as highlight how banks can measure and monitor culture and D&I using employee data and management information.  
AFB Seminar: Solvent Exit Planning – Implementation of PS 5/24 and Next Steps
AFB will partner with Deloitte for an in-person seminar that will focus on firms’ preparedness for an orderly solvent exit as part of its BAU activities.
Climate Risk Certificate
The AFB is proud to partner with the Chartered Banker Institute to offer AFB members the opportunity to study the Certificate in Climate Risk, which has been developed jointly with the Chartered Body Alliance.