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Financial Services Skills Commission launch Future Skills Framework 2

On 23 November 2022, AFB, as a partner member of the Financial Services Skills Commission (FSSC), attended the launch of the expanded Future Skills Framework, which you can access on its website here.

The online tool has been updated for 2022 with five new future skills and behaviours: digital literacy, coaching, creative thinking, data analysis & insights and software development. The five essential skills have been identified as business critical for firms across the sector given the ongoing shortage of skills in technology, cyber and digital and aim to help them prioritise their future skills needs and attract and retain talent.

The Framework closely aligns with FSSC’s newly published Skills Gap Analysis Toolkit to help firms identify future skills for the long term and to support ongoing skills forecasting. The toolkit contains a series of workshops with a set of supporting materials and templates, including 3 tailored workshops focusing on skills needs in the short, medium and long term, as well as a skills dictionary which provides definitions of key skills to drive greater alignment and facilitation when discussing skills and roles.